covo covo verace nordic stool h 45, mantegna


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Designer: Marcello Panza
The decorations that make up his skin draw on the naively popular iconography of images that, in the oldest South, have always illuminated the dark corners of old alleys crowded, or the hidden and forgotten recesses of immense and labyrinthine houses.
Nordico Verace brings to light a simple and primitive archetype, a seat with the gentle shape of a stool.

Product maintenance: Clean the product with a damp cloth soaked in soap or neutral liquid detergents, preferably diluted in water. Absolutely avoid the use of ethyl alcohol or detergents containing, even in small quantities, acetone thielin and ammonia (solvents in general).

History of the designer

Product detail

Dimensions: cm W 45 x D 30 x H 45
Material: printed and laminated natural wood
Color: Mantegna


Shipping info

Estimated between 23/12/2022 and 30/12/2022