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Lady Anne is the new KnIndustrie 4-cup coffee maker inspired by the services of the '700.
A functional object for making coffee and extremely elegant to serve it.

Do not come into contact with the aluminum surface of the coffee pot, but use the appropriate handle and
Never use the coffee maker without water in the boiler (1) and only introduce water and no other liquids.
Use only ground coffee and close the coffee maker firmly before use.

Fill the boiler with water (at room temperature) up to the level of the safety valve and not above.
Insert the funnel filter into the boiler and fill it completely with ground coffee; the coffee should not
be pressed, but should be distributed evenly, being careful not to spread it on the edge of the coffee pot.
Screw the collector to the boiler and make sure that the collector cover is closed.
Place the coffee pot on the low-intensity stove and remove it when the collector is full of coffee.

To clean the coffee pot, you have to wait for it to cool down and then wash it only with warm water, without using detergents.
Empty the funnel filter carefully, and after washing, do not close the coffee pot and let it dry completely.
Do not wash the coffee maker in the dishwasher.
Check regularly that the holes in
the filter plate are free and that the gasket is not damaged, if not, proceed with
the replacement.

History of the designer

In Milan, KnIndustrie, a design brand, was presented for the first time in 2011 which pays particular attention to quality, detail and technology.
Its collections reflect great creativity, innovation and sophistication. KnIndustrie has been able to create a bold, eco-sustainable and innovative Made in Italy project with tools that become protagonists with captivating lines. Functional, sober and often eco-friendly, they contain a passion for design, attention to quality and very high technology for a project that could be defined as “visionary” ;. Admire the collections rich in innovative, sophisticated elements and in line with the most important Italian tradition.

Product detail

Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm
Capacity: 282ml
Material: stone-washed aluminum, bakelite
Color: gray
Design: Laura Caffi


Shipping info

Estimated between 03/04/2023 and 04/04/2023