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ceramiche crescentini scaramaz oro lunare, bianco


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“Scaramaz Lunar Gold!”

It comes from the Romagna term “Scaramaz”, or confusion, and from the passion for music of Fabrizio Crescentini, owner of Crescentini Ceramics.
The shape is reminiscent of an old gramophone and the sound is pure Magic!

Made strictly by hand using the casting technique (where you can change the shape of the clay), first liquid “slip”, then poured into plaster molds, expertly worked, up to become a Scaramaz Gold. Characterized by “double firing” and processing with 24 Kt Pure Gold.

Scaramaz is Green! The Company respects the environment. To produce the product, it makes use of electric ovens powered exclusively by solar panels: in practice it is made only of earth, water, fire and Love for Beautiful Things!

It is perfect for all smartphones, the important thing is that the case outlet is inserted into the slot.

History of the designer

Crescentini Ceramiche è un’idea di Fabrizio Crescentini. Il progetto di Fabrizio è ambizioso: rielaborare il concetto di ceramista affrontando qualsiasi tipo di sfida. Ogni creazione in ceramica è una piccola opera d’arte unica e irripetibile, che esprime tutta la passione e la competenza professionale tramandata di padre in figlio da oltre 30 anni. Tutti i prodotti firmati Crescentini sono infatti realizzati con smalti atossici e non contengono né piombo né altre sostanze nocive. Inoltre le materie prime sono di provenienza controllata e i forni elettrici vengono alimentati con pannelli fotovoltaici.

Il lavoro è sempre attento e rigoroso, e si caratterizza per il rispetto di bellezza, cultura e tradizione.

Product detail

Scaramaz is an amplifier compatible with all smartphones where the speaker is positioned at the bottom, near the microphone. Scaramaz will allow you to increase the volume of your smartphone by 15/20 decibels!

European Design Patent filed n. 005778529

Scaramaz is handmade in 100% Italian ceramics and non-toxic glazes, i.e. free of lead and other substances harmful to health of workers (as required by Community regulations).

Just insert your smartphone in the space provided and start your favorite music to hear it clear and loud at home, outdoors or wherever you want! It has a hole for the power cord to pass through. “Scaramaz doesn't need wires, electricity, battery or wireless to work!

PRODUCTION Crescentini Ceramiche's production method is characterized by an ethical and eco-sustainable approach. Controlled ceramics, non-toxic glazes and photovoltaic panels are used to ensure the functioning of electric ovens.

Certified quality 100% Made in Italy.

Every object is unique, because it is handmade with wisdom and passion. For this reason, it may have imperfections, which are not defects but are the hallmark of craftsmanship. The linear, modern and colorful style makes this object a must have element in the furnishing of people with original, creative and demanding tastes.

Mobile and Smartphone AMPLIFIER

Increase the volume of your smartphone by 15/20 decibels!
Perfect accessory for your mobile phone, iphone, samsung, huawei, nokya, sony, asus and all models with the case underneath the microphone. Equipped with a power cable hole, for your favorite music!

It does not need cables, electricity, battery or wireless

Shipping info

Estimated between 12/07/2024 and 18/07/2024