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casa bugatti gioia 24 pcs cutlery set, grey


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Gioia 24-piece set, ash grey handle colour packed in lithographed box with window.

The 24 piece set consists of:
6 table spoons
6 table forks 6 table
knives 6
coffee spoons

Maintenance and care of the cutlery
The beautiful cutlery can make even more The table set for dinner and lunch is more inviting. If you follow these simple guidelines, when you wash them and put them back in order, they will always stay bright and perfect for years.

Always check that the purchased cutlery has been built so that they can be washed in the dishwasher at least 65 °C.

Instructions: 18/10 stainless steel cutlery is guaranteed for dishwasher-safe at 65 °C.

Colour handle cutlery is guaranteed for dishwasher safe at medium to low temperatures 50-55 °C. Avoid alkaline detergents, containing alcohol or fragrances.

Swarovski insert cutlery and gold or silver finish cutlery are not guaranteed for dishwasher-safe. Hand wash only.

PVD coated cutlery is guaranteed for dishwasher-safe up to 60 degrees. To remove any limescale residue from the dishwasher, we recommend a rinse with warm water and wine vinegar. Avoid alkaline detergents, containing alcohol or perfume.

Follow the instructions attached to your dishwasher.

- Remove and dry the cutlery immediately after the end of the washing cycle.
- Load the knives separately from the cutlery and with the blade facing down (avoid the possibility of accidental cuts).
- Avoid using soaking cycles and leave the cutlery in a humid atmosphere because they can get stained or damaged.
- Do not mix steel cutlery and silver cutlery in the same wash cycle.

- Use a liquid or cream detergent. Never use powder cleaners.
- Do not use metal brushes (scouring pads) or abrasive cleaners.
- Avoid alkaline detergents, containing alcohol or perfume.
- Prolonged contact (soaking) of stainless steel cutlery with salt, vinegar, eggs, tomato sauce, sour fruits, detergents or mineral salts from tap water can cause stains and micro-holes.
- Take care of the knives. The blades have a high carbon content which gives the blade a perfect cutting profile but is also subject to corrosion.
- Then, if there are stains, clean them with a specific product for steel.
- Never leave your cutlery in damp environments because they can cause stains that require cleaning.

The handles are made by manual processing of acrylic sheets, this makes each handle unique for grain and/or number and density of strains. Any differences between one handle and the other are a sign of its exclusivity and are not to be considered a manufacturing defect.

History of the designer

Bugatti designs and manufactures tableware products and kitchen accessories, cutlery and small appliances with a strong innovative charge and an original and sophisticated design for 90 years. Bugatti's proposals stand out for their unique style, in which high technology blends with the Italian taste for shapes and details. Bugatti appliances differ in their refined design, precious materials and high quality of functions: prepare, furnish, present and serve! For a breakfast with flakes you can't help but have the Diva Evolution! Making a cappuccino has never been easier. And not only that: coffee, latte macchiato, tea and herbal teas will be immediately ready for you or your guests. It can be used with both coffee powder and pods.

Product detail

Designer: Bugatti Technical Office
Measurements: 22X8X30 cm
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel, ABS
Finish: The color has a solid color and is shiny
Maintenance: It
is recommended to wash by hand

It is possible to wash in the dishwasher up to a temperature of 50/55°C.

Shipping info

Estimated between 24/06/2024 and 28/06/2024