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casa bugatti jacqueline electronic kettle, black


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Jacqueline gives a touch of refined elegance to the perfect tea preparation.
Its shape recalls the iconic one of a bag and is inspired by the traditional ceramic teapot, interpreting it in a contemporary key.
It combines technology and style in itself, and it does so in a surprising way: it allows you to control every aspect of the infusion, from the water level to the temperature, and when it is in operation its base becomes bright. Jacqueline turns on your style!
For the preparation of the finest and finest teas, the water temperature can be adjusted to the required degree (from 40°C to 100°C/ from 104°F to 212°F) and with the Keep Warm function the water maintains the temperature desired up to an hour.
In addition, with the Bugatti B Chef app you can easily program the preferred infusion to the programmed temperature degree, at the time set for each day of the week.
You can adjust the Keep Warm function according to your needs (up to three hours) and activate the Baby Food Water function: the water is brought to a boil and then reaches the temperature set for the baby bottle.

History of the designer

Bugatti designs and manufactures tableware products and kitchen accessories, cutlery and small appliances with a strong innovative charge and an original and sophisticated design for 90 years. Bugatti's proposals stand out for their unique style, in which high technology blends with the Italian taste for shapes and details. Bugatti appliances differ in their refined design, precious materials and high quality of functions: prepare, furnish, present and serve! For a breakfast with flakes you can't help but have the Diva Evolution! Making a cappuccino has never been easier. And not only that: coffee, latte macchiato, tea and herbal teas will be immediately ready for you or your guests. It can be used with both coffee powder and pods.

Product detail

Designer: Innocenzo rifino e lorenzo ruggieri
Measurements: 15X25X28 cm
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel
Code: 02-JQANNU
Color: Black
Finish: The color has a solid color and is matte
Maintenance: Before use refer to the instruction manual
Technical information: 220-240 Volt/50-60 Hz - 2000-2400 Watts -
Functions: Temperature control to the degree from 40 to 100 °C, Water Level, Keep Warm (1h) - App functions: temperature regulation from 40 to 100° C, Water Level, Time and Day Schedule, Keep Warm (3h), Baby Food Water - Thermal protection included - filter descaler included - electronic display control - Water level indicator: 12 levels (100ml each) from 100 ml to 1200 ml.


Shipping info

Estimated between 08/03/2024 and 14/03/2024