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Design: Matteo Ugolini
Magically a light takes over forgotten tools. Thanks to the function, irony and lightness, they come back to life. They start a new adventure in places and locations up to now unknown.
Wall hook in brushed steel for floor lamp TOBIA

History of the designer

Switch on a light and all is visible
switch on a Karman light and magic happens since everything looks different – a slight-of-hand that is closest to alchemy and as far away as is possible from mere chance.
We at Karman believe that if such a gifted sublimation occurs and in order to tease sensuality from light, a number of factors must exist: inspired minds, skillful hands, resolute bravery and determined guidance.
The aesthetic path these attributes lead us along is philosophically rooted in a commitment to turn luminous objects into unexpected creations, to redefine the very idea of Beauty attempting to get the best out of sensorial involvement and field of suggestions.
As you will see in the pages that follow, the result of this aim glints from every page to prove that exquisiteness happens when a passionate persuasion reigns that as Karman that which is possible. 

Product detail

Dimension:W22 cm
Base W5xH9 cm
Materials: brushed steel

Shipping info

Estimated between 24/02/2020 and 16/03/2020