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314 ml glass jar organic spicy tomatoes

History of the producer

Since 1990 Paolo Petrilli company have been processing tomatoes grown on its own farm, using artisan techniques. They have replanted native stocks, replaced virtually everywhere else by industrial varieties that are inferior in quality but offer a better yield. Sammarzano, Torremaggiorese and Prunilli are old tomatoes varieties that thrive in dry soils and produce a hundred metric tons per hectare as opposed to the thousand yielded by industrial varieties. They also converted to organic farming techniques back in 1988. They pick their tomatoes by hand and process them using only ingredients produced by their own company. These great quality products are used by great chef all over the world.

Product detail

Two parts round Torremaggiorese tomatoes, one part Prunilli cherry tomatoes blanched together for a few minutes, with a few freshly picked chilli peppers, drained in steel colanders to remove all the liquid, sieved and packed in glass jars with a fresh basil leaf. No added colouring or preservatives.

Ingredients: organic round Torremaggiorese tomatoes, organic small Prunilli tomatoes, organic basil, organic hot chili peppers.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Origin: Italy, Lucera (FG)

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Estimated between 21/09/2020 and 23/09/2020