acqua pazza gourmet colatura di alici di cetara

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 1 bottle 250 ml

Colatura is a gastronomic specialty from Cetara, in the south of Italy. Tasty and scented, it's perfect with pasta.

History of the producer

Acquapazza Gourmet is a small factory situated in Cetara, on the beautiful Amalfitana coast. Colatura is the traditional product of this small town and it’s produced exclusively here. Tha production follows traditional and very ancient methods. Colatura is a precious liquid derived from anchovies fished in the sea of Salerno Gulf and preserved on salt. it’s perfect to dress pasta and it’s a real specialty.

Product detail

From the Middle Age the preservation of anchovies with salt is the best way to mantain their flavour for a long time. Anchovies are fished from March to July in the Salerno gulf water.

They are selected, beheaded, gutted and put in a wooden container with salt, then closed and pressed. These containers are kept for 6 months in a dry and cold place. After 6 months, anchovies are ready and they can be preserved for a long period. Colatura is a precious amber liquid obtained from salted anchovies.

It has an intense scent and it's very tasty. It's perfect with pasta.

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