regina dei sibillini moccolotti 500 gr


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Regina dei Sibillini produces pasta according to the handicrafts process, it is wire drawned in bronze then put to dry at low temperatures, using only wheat that comes from the top soil in the heights.

Our philosophy is to cultivate and transform, giving life to a quality product that contains all the good that the mountain offers: water, air and the tradition to do things with care.

History of the producer

Regina dei Sibillini is a farm in Montefortino that produces pasta using only the durum wheat coming from its land on the Sibillini Mountains.

A rare choise, to grow durum wheat on the mountain side, that together with the direct cultivation and the handicraft method permits us to realize products that are unique and of great quality.

The philosophy of the Regina dei Sibillini is to cultivate and transform, in order to bring into our pasta all the good that is in the mountain: water, air, the tradition to do things with care.

Product detail

Packaging: 1 x 500 gr

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water.


Average nutritional values for 100 gr 
Energy: 1570 kj - 370 kcal 
Fat: 0,9 gr of which saturates: 0,1 gr 
Carbohydrate: 78 gr of which sugar: 3,4 gr 
Fibre: 1,0 gr 
Protein: 12,5 gr 
Salt: 0,002 gr

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