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7 Elegant and colorful cans, to taste all the varieties of tomatoes of the Veropop line.

History of the producer

Italianavera tells a story, recounting a territory and its products. Through flavours or aromas of the past, these fruits of the earth take us back to the simplicity of the ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. They describe Italy in all its facets, about Mum cooking and grandmother preparing Sunday lunch. And we tell of tomatoes, with style and humour. Because being Italian is a culture, a lifestyle, and the will to recount the simplicity of daily life made up of good things and imagination. An imagination that you can eat. The authentic Italian way. Italianavera.

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San Marzano is a very delicate tomato, with a thin skin, which maintains its flavour for a long time, but which must be handled with care. It is cultivated in a very fertile territory, around Naples, and in the Sarno-Nocerino countryside in the province of Salerno, recognised by the PDO. Preserved in its own soft juice, it is ideal to add to spaghetti and make it a simple but delicious plate.


CORBARINO TOMATO - 1 can of 400 gr.

The Corbarino cherry tomato is named after its cultivation area: the Corbara hills in the province of Salerno. It has an elongated shape and a bitter-sweet taste. A succulent dish prepared with this tomato, is the sauce with the "clams fujute" that although not including the use of clams among the ingredients, it has an unmistakable scent of sea. The secret lies in the Pomodorino of Corbara, which has the unique characteristic of absorbing the sour taste of the salty sea and giving the sauce the penetrating aroma of the seafood, even if there is none.


SPUNZILLO TOMATO - 1 can of 400 gr.

The tomato of the volcano immersed in its juice, is a versatile ingredient that gives all the traditional recipes that intense flavour of freshly harvested tomato. Great to be consumed even raw on pizza and bruschetta.


DATTERINO TOMATO - 1 can of 400 gr.

The datterino tomato, cultivated in the Sele plain, in the province of Salerno, is sweet and rich in flavour. We keep it in its soft juice. It is characterized by its high sugar content, that gives it a rich and full-flavored taste. Always perfect to give strength and character to all your recipes.


TOMATO PULP - 1 can of 400 gr

The POP version of our tomato pulp, is characterized by the size of the little chopped tomatoes made with peeled tomatoes which are cut into particularly full-bodied cubes and then immersed in a thick tomato juice. Thanks to its body and its particular taste it is ideal for the preparation of sauces where it is necessary that the tomato has a full-bodied and rich consistency.


TOMATO SAUCE - 1 can of 400 gr

Our sauce is characterized by its soft but at the same time tasty consistency. Obtained exclusively from fresh Italian tomatoes selected from the field during ripening and made just a few hours after the harvest. It is very easy to use, and it cooks in few minutes! Practice, very good and strictly POP!!!



Our peeled tomato is obtained from the selection of the best long Italian tomatoes, processed within a few hours after harvesting and immersed in a soft and delicate sauce that enriches your taste in the kitchen.

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