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Design: Enzo Mari 1976
Il Gorilla is a silkscreen print tones of brown and is part of the Nature Series (Serie della Natura).
The print is part of a study to transform an image into a symbol through the systematic reduction and elimination of superfluous detail in order to reveal the true meaning of “nature” of a subject matter.

History of the designer

The history of Danish Milan coincides exactly with the history of Italian design. The important phases, the coming of age and the various challenges that this company has faced show how the pivotal role of ingenious design, the communicative power of objects, the quality of the materials they are made of and the way they are distributed remain constant factors in a journey that, since 1957, has involved some of the most important names in world design, art and architecture. The needs and desires of man, as well as a profound respect for his intellect, are the values that have driven the creativity and experimentation that it takes to develop, not only the products, but also the techniques and processes involved in maintaining the complex balance between culture, authorship and business.

Product detail

Dimension: W112XH112 cm
Materials: dropjet paper gr. 200/mq, plastic hangers included
Print: tones of brown colors Screen printed

Shipping info

Estimated between 07/04/2023 and 14/04/2023