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Aceto balsamico di Modena Italy Balsamic design IGP BLACK 250 ml

History of the producer

Antica Acetaia La Secchia produces handmade Balsamic Vinegar of Modena made from all natural ingredients of the utmost quality and does not contain any chemical additives or artificial fragrances (caramels, colouring agents, fragrance substances, acacia gum, etc.).

The ageing process is usually done in precious French oak barrels, that are occasionally changed over in order to favor optimal oxidation and the release of aromatic substances. All of our products are filtered before being bottled by hand and are then chemically analyzed to ensure conformity to characteristics as set forth by the law.

The result is a line of high quality vinegars with very balanced organoleptic characteristics, as dictated by the ancient tradition. They are also extremely versatile in cooking and very healthy and natural.

Product detail

Ingredients: Cooked must and wine vinegar. Chemicals free.

Expiry date: 10 years after production date of manufacture.

Color: ambered dark brown.

Sweet taste, acid, fresh and aromatic, all based on a good bitter-sweet balance, and focused on the relation between the cooked must and the acidity.


Raw material:
20% cooked Trebbiano must from spain
10% cooked Trebbiano  must from Montanaro
15% cooked Lambrusco must from Sobara
15% cooked Ancellotta must
40% Wine vinegar aged for at least 10 years


Refining: 20 barrels of 60 to 20 L

Prevailing woods: mulberry, chesnut wood, oak, acacia and cherry wood.                                                                                                                                                                                        Acidity: 6%

Taste: The wide range of woods give this Balsamic vinegar a significant aromatic complexity, in wich the sweatness and acidity find the perfect balance.

Food and Wine Pairing: Well ripened Parmigiano Regiano, wild strawberries, ice cream.

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Estimated between 06/10/2022 and 14/10/2022