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Aglianico del Vulture doc "TITOLO" 2017 75 cl

History of the producer

Elena Fucci produces wines in the Vulture area with pride and passion, always paying attention to quality.

The context is unequaled beauty: sun, rain, snow and winds that signal the change in seasons.

On these hills that seem to never end, close to an important wine, Aglianico del Vulture, Salvatore Fucci and his daughter Elena work with passion to improve the characteristics of this unmistakable and unique wine. Those characteristics do not exhaust themselves in the perfume or in colour, in clarity or in flavor, but they reside within the personality of the wine and only one wine. TITLE, in its equilibrium and in the capacity to transmit the original sensations to those who drink it.

The actual winery has been obtained from the old premises under the family residence (TITLE Tower) where the grandfather Generous placed the tractor and agricultural equipment.

Recently the new winery was completed, built adjacent to the old cellarand in communication by a tunnel dug in volcanic rock. The new structure is built according to the principles of ecological design using recycled materials and recycling and with technologies to reduce to zero the impacts and energy consumption.

Product detail

Wine Characteristics: Dark and intense ruby red with an ample and complex nose yielding ethereal spices, cherry, blackberry preserves, rosemary, tobacco and cinnamon with light hints of vanilla. Dry on the palate and full bodied with firm tannins and alongfinish. Although a young wine when released, it is destined for a great future!

Appellation: Aglianico del Vulture DOC

Location: Situated on the Titolo lava channel at 650 meters of Altitude.

Vineyards: Located within the commune of Barile, at the heart of the Aglianico production zone.

Soil Type: Volcanic lava and ash mix, known locally as “pozzolana”.

Size of Estate: 7 Ha (17,3 acres).

Area planted to vine: 6 Ha (14,8 acres).

Vine Trellising Methods: Multiple parcels utilizing the Short Guyot and "Capanno" methods.

Harvest Dates: Last Week of October, always harvested manually with small crates.

Vinification Information: The Aglianico is de-stemmed and crushed in small batches and then fermented in stainless steel with a maximum temperature controlled to 22-24 degrees Celsius. Malolactic fermentation takes place within 100% new French oak barriques and matured for 12 months. The wine is fined in the bottle for an additional 6 months before being released to the market.

Shipping info

Estimated between 17/08/2022 and 16/09/2022