birrificio dei castelli italicum 75 cl


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Italian craft beer. Not pasteurized and not filtered.

History of the producer

Brewery of Castles is a laboratory in continuous evolution that has as its objective the search for a product realized in respect of the brewer tradition, without any process of filtration and pasteurization .

In the realization of each of our beers we seek balance and smoothness through an accurate choice of raw materials, long production time and maturation, attention to detail and patience. We are in Arcevia (AN), one of the largest municipalities of the Marche region. The village is surrounded by nine medieval castles which dominate lands and protect our brewery.

Beyond our confines we can find many places rich in history, culture and tradition. Each village is characterized by centuries-old stones that hold a glorious past, still present and always more fascinating

Around us we can find the mountain chain of Apennines, hilly landscapes with wonderful and unique profiles, soft sandy beaches and steep cliffs overlooking the sea.

Product detail


Bright yellow colored, generous and gentle foam. On the nose aromas of exotic fruits arise, accompanied by pleasant scents honeyed. In the mouth the balanced notes of hops and malt make it pleasantly sweet and fresh. Suggested for appetizers, focaccia, pasta and delicate dishes. It is recommended for a pleasant escape from the daily tamtam. In any case,  “De gustibus non disputandum est”, so it is up to you the ideal pairing based on your tastes and preferences.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast, sugars.

Alcohol: 5,0%

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Estimated between 16/08/2022 and 14/09/2022