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Chocolate liquor flavored with coffee 50 cl

History of the producer

Ciomod was founded in Modica in 2003. They produce typical sweet Sicilian products, in particular the famous chocolate of Modica. As Sicilian traditions want, they operate in the respect of antique recipes that distinguish all products: chocolate bars, liqueurs, creams. With an original packaging they can put tradition and innovation together.

In the last few years, Ciomod choose to invest not only in a big range of products, but also in the territory through the channel of hospitality. And that is how a new home, CIOMOD HOUSE, was born. Ciomod headquarters is a place where you can live like a real house. This is the idea of Sicilian life that gives us a 360 degree view: from the production to the sale of the regional typical products, to the experience dining and sipping a glass of wine in the Ciomod House.

Product detail

Packaging: bottle 50 cl

Ingredients: water, sugar, alcohol, cocoa (8%), instant coffee (4%), natural flavors.
May contains traces of nuts and milk.

Alcohol: 17% Vol.

Energy values: 973 Kj / 231 Kcal

Shipping info

Estimated between 26/09/2022 and 05/10/2022