kn industrie s lab larch and steel chopping board


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Design: Kn Industrie
An object with a primordial, quintessential appeal, almost the archetype of the cutting board: a simple slice of a tree trunk that retains all the tangible, substantial presence of its origins and a recess all around the perimeter that accommodates a metal band to reinforce the structure in a perfect combination.

History of the designer

In Industrie with its strictly Made in Italy products, is a leader in the production of kitchenware, cooking and presenting food on the table.
Collections are rich in creative and innovative elements and are created with internationally renowned designers.
A daring, eco-sustainable and courageous dream for your kitchen.

Product detail

Dimension:Ø 40 cm
Material:larch and steel
Color: larch

Shipping info

Estimated between 17/08/2022 and 28/09/2022