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Design: Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1957
In 1970 Zanotta put the “springy metal seat”, metaphorically named “Mezzadro” into production, that the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed in 1957 (together with the Sella seat, in production since 1983) for the exhibition “Shapes and colours in today’s homes” organized in Villa Olmo in Como. Mezzadro is a loud and clear message of freedom to define the domestic spatial environment.“With this rather unusual homage name, the object brings to mind Neo Vanguardism, from the provocative nature of Arte Povera to the irony of Pop Art.
Like a work by Duchamp, the assembly of craft-based and industrial components holdstogether: the farming world in the sheet metal seat and the steel crossbow, the cycling world in the fixing pin and the nautical one in the beech wood crosspiece.”

History of the designer

Zanotta’s story has been intertwined with men’s stories ever since 1954: the men who were in charge of the cultural project, those who put their hands at the disposal of the company’s vision, those who performed untiring technological and experimental research to shape the dreams of architects and designers with beauty. But also of those men and women who built their own living environment around this symbolic, ?uid, light-weight and ironic imaginary notion; those men and women across the world who have made up Zanotta’s target for over sixty years. The outcome of this painstaking care, courage and know-how is a collection that is one-of-a-kind in the design world, having involved more than one hundred designers who conceived 550 products of which 304 are now in museum collections all over the world.
A story that is the story of 20th Century design and architecture and also a perfect anthropological inventory of its constituent projects. Today, Zanotta is the warm, domestic and informal side of the Tecno group.

Product detail

Dimension:W49xH51xD51 cm
Material:Chromium-plated steel stem
Seat lacquered in the colours: red
Footrest in steam- treated beech, natural colour

Shipping info

Estimated between 06/04/2020 and 28/04/2020