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A smart wooden box which contains the best products of Zafferanami Collection: a Boccino made of recycled glass with saffron, a mortar and pestle made of pure porcelain, a Zafferanami catalogue where you'll find curiosities and informations about saffron use and 5 recipes to prepare great dishes with saffron.

History of the producer

Zafferanami is a small new business specialized in the production of saffron on the outskirts of Milan. Zafferanami is a project that combines the typical factors of an entrepreneurial initiative with love for tradition and its land. It is a challenge, a combination of factors that color the dream of creating something tangible in a sustainable and human-friendly context, in contact with nature, even on the doorstep of a large metropolis. It is the satisfaction of bringing home the production of a spice so precious and magic, whose culture finds its roots thousands of years ago. The mission of Zafferanami is to bring the tradition of saffron from the earth to the kitchen, bringing it closer to the table of those who seek quality. The pillars on which it is based in order to pursue this mission are: quality research, economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. The excellent quality of pure saffrons in stigmas produced by Zafferanami derives from a long search for an appropriate method of cultivation regarding the climate and the characteristics of the cultivated land.

Product detail

Composition: 1 Boccino - 1 Mortar and pestle - 1 Brochure Zafferanami.

Ingredients: pure saffron stigmas.

Nutritional benefits: saffron is both tasty and healthy. It has analgesic, digestive, relaxing, antioxidant, antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties.

Food preparation: in a pot dilute saffron with a half cup of hot water or stock, cover and keep hot for at least one hour. Combine with rice or other dishes during last minutes cooking. Zafferanami saffron is organic and hand picked up, it is cultivated preserving nature and following sustainable agricolture methods.

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